From the Director’s Desk

Welcome to the first of what will be a monthly newsletter, keeping you up to date on what’s happening at Victim Assistance Program.

In 2016, our advocates and trauma counselor helped 5,489 victims of crime, crisis or trauma, some of whom are still receiving services. So far this year, they have added 1,863 new clients, many with ongoing cases.

We want to do more. We know there are portions of the population who are targets of certain crimes and can benefit from specialized services, including teachers and adults over 60.  We know that the family of homicide victims can benefit from specialized programs as well, such as support groups.

To add those and other services, we need to increase revenue and revenue sources. 

In hopes of doing that, we have hired a full time grant writer to apply for every dollar for which we are eligible, and a marketing coordinator to raise our profile in the community.  We’re hiring a Director of Advancement to increase philanthropic support and execute fundraising initiatives, among other duties.

The comment we hear most when we meet people at an event is, “I hope I never need Victim Assistance Program.”

Not only will we be there for them if they do need us, through the generosity of donors, foundations and other sources that can help us increase our revenue stream, we can add services for older adults, teachers and survivors of homicide victims as well.


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